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Talk to Teens: Inauguration 2021

I want Leaders who are not afraid to raise their voices. I want them well informed and amply equipped to shout unto the Lord with a voice of triumph. I want them equally equipped to shout into echo chambers at decibels that shatter glass ceilings!

This inauguration causes pause for many reasons.

We've endured some social awakenings as a society as well as the Body of Christ (those that believe in Jesus). We've had some reckoning to begin and caused some hard looks in the mirror. This inauguration comes on the heels of a things ripped and made raw. And our teenagers are experiencing it with us. They have watched the fires burn, the flags wave and the injustices overlooked. They're talking to their friends and watching YouTube videos filled with the opinions of so many. Are you ready to help your teens process an event like this? Are you ready to talk reconciliation? Are you ready to talk about things like the dangers of lifting our leaders to idol status? How do you begin conversations about how Jesus is our Savior, but no man (or woman) has that power to be that...even after the 4 years we've just had?

Check out this resource to help you frame your thinking while watching the 2021 Presidential Inauguration.

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