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What Are People Saying About Young Leaders' Life?

What students, parents, and pastors are saying about the impact of Young Leaders' Life!



"Love the way it had the Gospel as the made [us] think our congregation needs to pray for our children with greater expectation of what they can do with their gifts...a practical response to the Word of God." 

Rev. Dr. Mark Cox, Idaho



"This organization has been about not just [my daughter's] relationship with God, but also serving at THIS age and not having to wait and walk in your gifts. She's learning to use her gifts at 14. [Teenagers] are taught they all have gifts and they can walk them out.  I haven't seen that in any other program."

Reneida Thomas, Michigan



"We are sharing the Word with friends...feeling a connection to [God]. We continue to talk about the Word of God and things we can do around the city that would be pleasing to God.

Ken, Michigan

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