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Our Leaders

Who We Are

Don Francis

Founder & Youth Pastor

Azia Raju started Young Leaders' Life in April of 2020, during the height of the Pandemic.  She believed Christians all over the world needed to see the hope of Jesus through the gifts of teens

Ashley Jones


Adam preaches at several services and events, sometimes after practicing his bass and electric guitar.  He's hoping to start a Math Rock band this year.


Tess Brown


Lana has an excitement for using her preaching gifts, but you can also catch her on the court as part of her school basketball team.


Tyson preached his first sermon with Young Leaders' Life his first year with us! Tyson is well connected in his community, serving the elderly.



Kirah is a gifted artist and uses her art to help others feel comfortable when they come into a space. This is way she uses her hospitality gifts!

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