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3 Reasons Kids Don't Listen To You

3 reasons why your kids probably aren't paying you any attention in youth group.

1. They probably don't understand the scriptures you're talking about.

Go with them on a deep dive and use some of the study tools that you use when you're trying to figure out scripture, but with them!

2. They don't think they're going to use that.

As a school teacher I hear at least 3 times a day "When are we going to use that??" You're going to have to get some real teenage relevant kinds of examples, put them inside of the stories

3. They are going through some stuff.

Do any of you remember that show called "My So Called Life?" Young Claire Danes and Jared Leto. Sex, drugs, teenage pregnancy, all kinds of stuff staring them right in the face, those are the same things our kids are going through. Yes, what they need can be found in scripture but right now more than scripture, they just need you.

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